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Oh, What A Night!


What should have been the end to a pleasant evening turned into a nightmare.  I was saying goodnight to the boys when the ear-splitting sounds of my fire alarms rang out.  The high decibel rattled my eardrums.  We quickly hustled the kids outside and the wife and I went looking for fire.  I found a pair of headphones and put them on for protection.

Pressing reset on the alarms did nothing. In desperation, I turned off the main breaker but they were hard-wired to the house so that too was also futile.  Finally my wife called 911.  We didn’t want to take the chance that we had a carbon monoxide leak or something.

The Firemen came and spent almost 45 minutes trying to figure out how to shut off the alarming sounds.  They were about to give up when it stopped all on its own.  While the Firemen were pulling away, the alarms suddenly started up again.  Even though they were nice enough to return inside, there was still nothing they could do to turn them off.  After about 20 minutes that seemed more like an hour, they fell silent again.

Through all this, the boys had to be rushed outside each time the alarms would go off.  It was like a fire drill on replay. I hope they never forget what to do when fire alarms go off.

Finally, sometime after 9pm, they fell silent for the last time and we were all able to go to our beds, rattled nerves and all.

Kudos to the Firemen for showing up within 2 minutes of the call and for being very personable.


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