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The Dissed Duchess of Doff

English: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on h...

English: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on her first royal tour, visiting Ottawa for Canada Day celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Royals and their subjects are mad but not rioting mad, over the lack of privacy that saw photos of the Duchess plastered in French and Italian tabloids.  Photogs apparently did not read their memo on Royal privacy.

A photographer or photographers, took some photos of the Duchess of Cambridge enjoying some sun while topless.  (Stop me if that sounded all too familiar).  The photos were leaked or sold to a French tabloid then later showed up in an Italian paper also.  Still sounds familiar?  Well this has turned into a Royal Pain indeed.

I am sorry but I have no interest in this antiquity.  I have nothing against the royal family and think that Kate seems like a lovely young woman and the Queen, a beautifully aging woman but that’s where it ends.  I think that queens and kings have outlived their usefulness and belong in fairy tales.  Plus, it’s a ‘what have you done lately?’ thing for me.

So understandably, I do not see the big deal in making a fuss over something that is becoming quite normal these days, the breach of someone’s privacy.  Of course the royal couple deserves their privacy, we all do.  Even Lindsay Lohan and Britney. (Except when we voluntary do something silly like take nude pics while in Vegas, then we get what we deserve).   Privacy is a scarce commodity, some give it up willingly, others reluctantly and some have it snatched from them.

Kate is a celebrity.  Her and her husband are one of the most photographed couples in the world.  Knowing this, what would make Kate think that a private château was a good place to flash her private?  Even if that resort was listed as ‘private’.   Poor gullible Kate.  You learn from your mistakes.

Should heads roll over this? Of course not!  Did heads roll when her brother-in-law’s Vegas pics were leaked?  It’s the life you live, it comes with the territory. Grin and bear it.  Live and learn, you voyeur you!


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