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Summer Should Haves and Winter To Do’s

It’s Winter!  Well not so fast, we are not quite there yet.  It’s getting to be a bit too cold for my liking but nothing that a few layers of early winter clothing won’t fix.

Even Obama loves Summer

Every year, when the temperature starts to fall, (no pun) that’s when I look back on summer and the things I had planned on doing that I didn’t.  I should have bike more.  Heck, I should have bike period!   At least once.  I should have taken the boys to the park more often.  I should have enjoyed the outdoors more. instead of staying in.  Light a fire in the backyard.  Camp in the backyard with the boys…So many summer outdoor activities not done.  Now I have to wait for at least ten months.


In a short while, I will be struggling to buckle the boys in their seats as their bulky jackets usually pose a problem.  I will be shoveling the driveway.  I will be taking way too long to get the boys dressed and undressed.  I will be brushing snow off the car while it warms up and doing house projects.  I will be white-knuckle driving.

Ooh, winter driving.

In a few months, summer and all its should-haves would be forgotten.  I would be learning to skate, making snowmen with the boys, going tobogganing, Christmas shopping, oh and doing house projects.

Good-bye Summer, bring it on, Winter!

Winter beauty


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