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I Am Not Crazy!


I thought I was a little weird.  Maybe not crazy but weird.  This was based on the sometimes zany thoughts that go through my head on a regular basis.  What if I suddenly turn into on coming traffic?  What would my teacher say if I just slap her ass out of the blue?  What if I just stick my finger in the path of the saw as it cuts through this 2×4?

Those are just a few of the crazy thoughts.  Then I watched a stand up routine by Jim Carrey and he did a bit on ‘impulses’.  He made me feel like I was not alone in my mad world of zany thoughts.  He made a good point in which he said the only thing that separates us from the crazies is that we do not give in to these thoughts or voices that some call them, but apparently we all have them.  Do you?

Could you imagine if we all answered those voices? Talk about mad world…




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