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Church Clothes

Growing up in the St. Vincent, my choice of clothes was limited due to financial constraints.  That did not stop me from having what we called ‘church clothes’.  Church clothes were set aside to wear to church on Sundays.  It was just wrong to wear them on any other day.  (I guess this is where the term Sunday best came from).

My church clothes were not limited to just pants and shirts, they also included underwear, shoes and socks.  It was understood that everyone had his or her church clothes.  It was normal.  At least to me.

When I moved to Canada, I brought this custom with me and separated my regulars from my church clothes.  If I did not attend church, my clothes sat unworn.

It was with some reluctance that I first wore a pair of jeans to church.  Even though I blended in with every other non-church-clothes-wearing worshipper, I felt like an outcast.  Here I was dressed like a commoner in the presence of God! How disrespectful!  I grew up in Catholic household where even my grandmother tried to upstage those who were half her age by dressing to the nines.

Later, I changed churches and attended The Seventh Day Adventist Church and we wore our Sunday Saturday best at church.  Jackets and ties were common.  We dressed to impressed, I’m just not sure who.

I am now a member of a jeans and t-shirt wearing church.  Shorts and slippers are not uncommon.  You are even allowed to enjoy your favorite brew as you listen to the sermon.  There is a casual air of acceptance in this church.  Last week I even saw a woman wearing sweats with paint all over the backside.  That, I thought was pushing it a bit.

Talking about pushing it, some church members and non-members seem to get carried away by the lack of a dress code and go overboard with their choice of attire.  Last week, as I looked towards the screen to read the words of a song, the sight of a naked flesh caught my eye.  Instinctively, my eyes zeroed in on the distraction and it was a young woman wearing a back-exposing top.  I am a Christian but I’m also a man. A heterosexual man, so yes, I found it a bit distracting.

A church is made up of all kinds of struggling people.  It’s the reason we are there, right? right??  That and to praise God.  If I had a drinking problem, the last thing I would want to see is someone drinking in the place where I came to get help.  If I had a sexual problem, a church with female church members flashing legs and cleavages would not be in my best interest now, would it?

I know some of you women had that sexy dress or top that has hung in your closet for a long time because you gained some weight.  Now you have worked hard and lost a few pounds and understandably, you want to show off your new bod and wear the dress you haven’t worn in forever.  Props to you! Congrats!  But church is just not the place to wear it.  We are here for you and support you in your weight loss but can we get an hour or so to focus on God and not your body?


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2 thoughts on “Church Clothes

  1. Amen!

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