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The Coolest Dad On The Block

No, sadly it isn’t me.  I used to be though.  The coolest dad around, that is.  I had my boys performing with me on stage in front of hundreds.  They were the envy of the other kids who wished they had the nerve to pull that off.  Their Daddy was singing at venues and functions around the city.  How cool was that?  Oh, and I coached their soccer team and…and…write blogs?

Now who knows how long this would have stayed that way?  But whatever, we had to move into a new neighborhood.  We had to move close the new cool dad.  The dad with all the toys.  Goodbye championship belt.

Andre, our neighbor, along with other things,  has a motorbike.  He takes his kids riding on it.  Sometimes just to the store to get treats.  As if being on the bike isn’t treat enough.  He also has a small tractor that he lets his little boy drives.  Heck, I would like to drive that thing.  While having a nice family dinner, my boys would rush to the window to see Andre’s kids playing with some new Daddy toy.  Come back here boys, finish your veggies!  Kids shouldn’t play with tractors or ride motorbikes. They are much too dangerous! Now sit and eat.  We’ll play a game of snakes and ladders after.

A few days ago, I noticed that Mr. Cool Dad also has two dirt bikes.  My boys pointed it out to me.  Grrr…Now that’s going too far, mister!  Cool it with the toys! You are making the rest of us dads lose our cool.

This weekend,  I am going to his house with my boys and he’s going to show us everything he has.  Everything.  Then he’s going to promise not to get anymore.  This way, we’ll have no more surprises and interrupted dinners.  Nothing to take my boys’ attention from their Xbox.  Jeez buddy, we are playing with Captain America here…

He’s lucky he’s a great neighbor who is also a handyman.  I may need to borrow his ‘toys’ one day.


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