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$65 mil to marry daughter? Hmm….

Chinese pastry Gaa Neoi Bing or Marry girl cake

Chinese pastry Gaa Neoi Bing or Marry girl cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sorry guys, I guess I wasn’t as much as a family man as I had you believed.  Or maybe I am too fickle and love money a bit too much.  Whatever it is you would like to call me, I accept.  I wasn’t the man I pretended to be.  Well I was, until this morning when I read this.

A Chinese businessman is offering $65 million to any man who would marry his lesbian daughter. All he seeks in the man is that he is ‘kind-hearted’.  You guys know that I’m kind hearted, right? You’ve read all my kind-hearted blogs about the good stuff I do for my family, at least up until this morning, so don’t give me that!  You know I fear God.

As I write this blog, my heart is heavy.  I am about to do what I swore never to do, abandon my family.  My boys, my awesome wife.   All for the love of money.  But it’s not just money, it’s $65 mil! Think of what I could do with all that.  Even in China.  Think of all the electronics I could get.  And all just for marrying a rich man’s lesbian daughter? Piece of cake.  It’s not like it’s his gay son, I would have had to say no to that one.

Ok seriously now, how could I put a price on the happiness my family brings me? I can’t.  I am married to the world’s best woman with three of the most adorable and precious kids out there.  $65 Mil could never give me that.  As the song goes, “Money can’t buy me love”.  Plus, Gigi told her dad that she’s actually married to her partner and has been for seven years now.

Sorry sir, I’ll have to pass.  Thanks for the offer though, you will have to find another kind-hearted man.  Good luck with that, we are hard to find.

65 million quids worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

65 million quids worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Photo credit: jef thomas)


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