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The Walcott’s Weekend In Kinosota, Manitoba

Look at me, look at your xbox, back at me, I’m on a horse!

Last weekend, we took the boys to Kinosota, Manitoba.  A small and remote little town where her mom was born.  She still has a lot of relatives living there.  Not too many people have ever heard of the place.

We stayed at her Uncle Jimmy’s place.  He owned horses and cows, to delight the kids.  They were even allowed to feed carrots to the horses.  One of them was actually a race horse!

But it may have been Uncle Stanley who made the biggest impression on the boys.  He made my cool-daddy-neighbor  looked normal.  Uncle Stanley had a quad and a pony among his many toys.  He let me walk the pony while the boys ride.  Then came the highlight of the evening/day/trip, he handed me the keys to the quad and told me to take the boys for a spin!  To you this might not be a big deal but I’m also a kid at heart and I had never been on one of them things before.  So it was a big deal.  I was almost as giddy as the boys were.

I loaded up the boys and took a few tentative spins around the huge country yard.  The boys kept yelling ‘Faster Daddy!’  I was trying to get the feel of the darn thing so speed was not in my plans.  When I was done, Amie took her turn at the controls and she seemed quite excited as well.  Then Uncle Stanley took it up a notch.  He volunteered to give the boys what they wanted, speed.  Enough of riding around the yard in circles.


As they tore out of the yard, Amie went white.  “Oh my God! Somebody tell him to stop or slow down! I can’t watch this!”  She kept holding her chest.  I didn’t feel better and had images in my head of the boys and uncle Stanley getting tossed off on the road, bruises everywhere.

Vrooom! They ripped down the road going the opposite way,  so fast we barely recognized them.  I prayed for it to come to an end.  A incident-free end.  Thankfully it did!  The boys jumped down with faces glowing from the excitement.  “Daddy! We were going so fast! We went Zoom!’ Mikhail said with excitement in his voice.

It all came to an end all too soon.  We had to go back to boring Winnipeg and compete with the cool neighbor.  On the way out, we stopped at Auntie Isabel.  They also had a quad and dirt bikes.  Her son invited the boys back in the winter, letting them know that he has six ski-doos.  Six!  Man, we should live out there!

Now this is what I’m talking bout!

I am not sure if I could or should take credit for that weekend experience but I am going to.  If it gives me brownie points then heck yeah!  Anything to get back my coolest daddy belt.

Of course I had to get in there.

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