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Making The Man Cave

Work on The Man Cave is under way.  The framing is just about done and I have started running electrical cables.  Yes, I am, not the wife, not my friends, not my father-in-law, I am excited!

Most of the planning and design was done by Amie and she has basically been the general contractor of the operation.  I am not sure if this is good for the integrity of the Cave, after all it’s a Man Cave, right? Not a Woman cave.  Shouldn’t I be the one planning and creating this wonderful design?  I am not sure about this one, folks.

When it comes to the actual components that constitute a successful Man Cave, that’s where I come in.  I am the architect behind the audio and video installations.  With help from my trusted supplier,, I have acquired wall plates, speakers, wires, wall mounts and other home theater needs to make my cave enviable.

My speakers are going to be ceiling installed for a nice clean look.  I went for averaged price but good speakers.  I didn’t want my speakers to sound as though the Chipmunks were hiding in my ceiling, more like Barry White behind the walls. I will update the sound in a later blog.

No cave is complete without a bar and a wet bar takes it a notch higher.  We are going for the wet bar, complete with bar stools and Winnipeg Jets’ theme.  This Man Cave is going to be the bomb!  Too bad the wife’s finger prints are all over it…but I can share.

Here are some pics of the frame work of my our Cave.

Bedroom. The bar is going to be to the right of the bedroom opening

Me working with my Father-in-law

The other side of this wall, (facing back of couch) is where the TV will be mounted.


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