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Daddy’s on vacation!

Yesterday morning was my first time getting the boys ready for school.  I work early in the mornings so it was never on my to-do list but now I was on vacation.  It sounded quite simple when the wife explained it to me.  ‘Get lunches packed.  There’s sliced cheese and ham in the fridge, you could make him a sandwich.  Don’t forget to get snacks also.” She forgot to tell me what exactly is a snack!

The ‘other two’ boys’ start school at 9am and had to be driven while I just had to walk Mik  to the bus stop which was a couple of houses down our street.

I woke up against my will and started the process.  The boys were still asleep so I had some quiet time.  My first call to the wife was, “Amie!  There’s no cheese anywhere!”  She calmly told me to look in the little compartment in the fridge and I’ll find it.  She was right.  The next call was to ask what time should I leave home to walk Mik to the bus stop and take the boys to school.  She also handled these with practiced ease.  Gimme a break! I’ve never had to get the boys ready for school before and I didn’t want to wait too long outside, it was freezing!  Too early is almost as bad as being too late sometimes.

Lunches were prepared, (I even remembered the snacks! but not before Mik made me put back a bar that he said had nuts in it) breakfast was eaten and I was ready to take son number one to catch his bus.  Like I said, it was cold and we waited for about ten minutes for the bus to come.  One down, two to go!

It was only 8:15, I had about half an hour to play with.  At 8:45 I hollered, “Get your jackets and shoes and let’s go boys!” As if that ever works… I ended up putting jackets and shoes on two kids while they were in various stages of play.  Not an easy task.  A bum or two came close to getting smacked.  Very close.

We made it out the door at 8:52, eight minutes to make it to school!  Good thing it was a short-ish drive.  We pulled up about around 9am.  Made it!  Not so fast!  Treyton, who doesn’t quite get the concept of speed and time, was lagging behind.  He had to take the wheelchair ramp instead of the stairs, climb on the rails, inspect the doors, the floor, whatever.  Frustrated, I offered him my  but he declined. “No daddy! I am a big boy now!”  I almost picked him up and ran with him. Then at the door, I had to remove their jackets and boots yet again while they tried to escape, leaving me holding book bags, lunch kits, jackets, boots etc.

Changing outside class

Amie had insisted that I stayed and take part in the walk-a-thon they were having, so I did.  Good thing as I had to carry Treyton for most of the way.  How convenient that he wasn’t a big boy then.  When we finally made it back to school, I was almost happy to drop them off and disappear.  I said almost!


I went back home feeling drained.  It was just under three hours of work but it felt like a whole day.  I wanted to sleep but kept thinking, “Don’t forget to pick them up at 11:30, which means leave at 11:15-ish”

Next time, no more vacations.


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