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I must admit that I probably do not pay as much attention as I should to politics.  I used to,  but have concluded that all politicians are the same, more or less.  I usually give political debates close to the same attention as I give WWE wrestlers.  That’s my opinion.

During Obama’s campaign that got him in The White House in 2008, I gave in to the hype that surrounded this historic moment.  A black man on the verge of running the most powerful country in the world? Epic.  As a black man, I could not have been any more proud.  I didn’t care about his political credentials, just that history was close to being created.  As a matter of fact, I did point out the fact that the pickings for the biggest office came down to a fairly inexperienced black man and a guy that should have been enjoying his retirement, not running for president.

I like Obama.  I think he is great for black people in making them realize that dreams do come through and everything is possible.  Forget black people, he’s good for everyone   I however, do still believe that very little separates him from say, Mitt Romney.   They both have their weaknesses and their strengths.  Unfortunately,  weaknesses of any kind is generally not tolerated by the masses.  Obama has made empty promises but that is right in line with being a poli-trickcian.   He has also fulfilled some promises.  Nothing new here.

Should Mitt win the Presidency, which I don’t see happening, I am sure that there will be bright spots in his term..  That’s just how it works.  For all the bad things said about G.W Bush, he was re-elected so he couldn’t have been that bad, right?

Whether I like it or not, politics is important to us all.  In Canada, it is important we keep an eye on our neighbors as we are the first to feel the ripple effect.  Even though in my opinion, there’s never much to choose between candidates, we should all vote and play a part in the selection process.  We should also never underestimate the power of the people.  We put them there, we could remove them also, anytime.  Unfortunately, we always forget that and let ruthless leaders run wild indefinitely.

My prediction is Obama will cruise to another victory.

Don’t forget, this is just my take.  What do I know eh?


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