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Halloween at The Walcotts Again!

Cave woman, Mrs. Roper and Robin Hood

On Saturday, a collection of famous people convened at our house.  Dexter, Robin Hood,  Mrs. Roper, Cat Woman…even the Devil showed up, accompanied ironically by an Angel.

It was  our 10th Anniversary Halloween Party and we also used the occasion as a house warming also.  Many of our friends had yet to see the new house.

Amie worked diligently, as usual, to put together a Car Rally as the precursor to the evening.  We were divided into four teams and given various tasks to do, problems to solved and objects to acquire throughout the city.  I was selected as the driver for our team.   She also did an admirable job with the food, creating some unique Halloween treats and dishes.  My favorite were the ribs and meatballs.

This was my third straight year taking part in a car rally and my third straight year being on the last place team.  I am not sure what I’m doing it wrong but as the common factor, I place the blame firmly on my head.

Trying on a woman’s shoe in a store.

The evening went great.  It was good to see friends we talk to but haven’t seen in a long time. (Thanks Facebook).  It was also sobering to see how much the gang had changed in just ten years.   Our parties used to be loud and late with enough drinks to stock a small bar.   Next morning would find someone sleeping on our couch.  It’s much tamer now with a few of us having kids or just aged.  Going hard is not an option anymore.

Oh, Amie and I went as Cave Man and Cave Woman.


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