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Freshly Pressed? Well I’ll Be Damned!

It was my 149th post.  Just another take on another day.  And just like the other days and the other takes and the other posts, I checked my email immediately after publishing.  In fact, I kept checking every few minutes.  (Just habit).   I was not counting on receiving an email with the subject ‘Congrats, you’ve been Freshly Pressed!’ so quite naturally and being the suspicious person that I am, I was dubious.

 Freshly Pressed? Yeah right.  Nice one. Now what do these internet hackers want now?  Click on the message and I get a virus, right?  Finally curiosity got the better of me so I opened it, and there it was!  An email notifying me that my post ‘A Real Eulogy‘ was selected to be Freshly Pressed!  I read it again and again then sent a ‘thank you’ response to WP.   Thank goodness this blog was one of my best.   Nothing like getting a blog recognized that you personally think is among your worst.  Read my blog Freshly Press But Not The Best.

I started blogging on WordPress just over a year ago.  It was my umpteenth attempt at blogging but this time I vowed to stick it out and see where it takes me.   Like most bloggers on WP, one of my main goals was to be Freshly Pressed.  Not that I thought I was a great blogger but getting pressed would make me consider myself a genuine blogger.   I thought I was ‘different’ but that’s beside the point.  After a few months of blogging and waiting for that break, I got lost in my blogging world.  I found my rhythm and became more concerned with content than I was with getting Freshly Pressed.  Publishing a blog that I thought would be a good and interesting read became my main priority.

Getting Freshly Pressed was indeed an honor.  I now consider myself a blogger.  (I hope you do too).   FP gave me some legitimacy.  I thank the WordPress admin team for selecting my blog but most of all, I thank my regular readers and followers.  You take the time to check out my blogs and add a comment or two.  There are times when I feel like quitting but realizing that I have readers waiting patiently for my blog, gets me back on the computer.  Thank you!

I have kept all the email notifications and will be going through each of them and promise to view the blog of each and every blogger who liked my post.

If you are a blogger who have never been Freshly Pressed, keep on pressing.  Your time will come.  Stay true to yourself and your blogs, no matter what.  Today, I will bask in my recognition but I know that soon I will be right back to obscurity, toiling in the trenches.

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10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed? Well I’ll Be Damned!

  1. Fantastic! I’m on post number 19 of my first ever blog. Freshly pressed is an ambition I’m yet to properly acknowledge. 83 followers is keeping me amazed enough as it is.

  2. I like what you say about wanting to make what you write something you can be proud of and just forgetting about freshly pressed – that kind of attitude makes the actual happening so much sweeter – congrats – I’m in the trenches, toiling away – maybe one day the FP email wil come – maybe not – all that matters is to keep writing.

    • All that matters is definitely to keep writing. Just like the saying goes, ‘If you build it, they will come’. Thanks for reading and commenting. Keep writing!

  3. Congrats on a job well done!

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