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Gangnam Style Not My Style


William Hung?

I need help! Fast.  What’s the issue now?  I am glad you asked, thanks for the concern.  Well it seems as though I’ve lost my taste in music! Yes, music!  I love all genre of music.  You name it, I love it.  Now that doesn’t mean I love all songs, I said genre.  Saying this, there’s this song that I am supposed to love. (Yes, supposed to love.   It’s in the script.  Society dictates.) that I really can’t get excited over.  Do you know what song it is?  You guessed it, Gangnam style by Korean singer, Psy.  What the heck is a Gangnam anyways?  I always mispronounce it as ‘Gangman’, which actually makes more sense.  Gangman Style.

When my wife first introduced me to this song, I watched the video thinking at first that it was William Hung, (Remember him?).   “That guy is still around?”  I asked.  I didn’t see it as more than just a joke or a parody  of some sort.  Then I saw him on Ellen and other talk shows.   I thought,  “Why are they making fun of this poor dude?  Enough already.”  Little did I know that he was for real and that Gangnam style was here to stay, at least for a while, and would become the most watched YouTube video and would also catapult Psy to international fame.  While I sit here blogging about being anti-Gangnam, Gangnam Style is sweeping the globe.  It’s viral.   People are eating this thing up like hot bread.  Mmm…hot bread with butter dripping down your arm... Did I mention that I love bread?  Do they have Gangnam Style bread?

Hung performing at Haas Pavilion in 2006


Pardon my digression there.   Do you think that maybe if I can understand what Psy is saying, I might be a bit more inclined to overcome my first impression I had of just a weird looking korean guy doing some crazy dance moves?   (Not crazy as in ‘good’).  It might work.   I mean I do like to sing along to my favorite songs.

 Oppan Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

Na je nun ta sa ro un in gan jo gin yo ja
Ko pi han ja ne yo yu rul a neun pum gyo gi nun yo ja
Ba mi o myon shim ja ngi tu go wo ji nun yo ja
Gu ron ban jon i nun yo ja

(I still don’t like it!)

Now I don’t mean to trash Gangnam Style or Psy himself.  In this mad mad world, if you are looking for some comic relief and to enjoy a song with lyrics you cannot decipher, then this is your cup of tea.  After all, the beat is, the beat is, the beat is technotronic.  (remember that one?).  But it does kinda have a nice-ish beat, doesn’t it?  Hello, even a washed-up MC Hammer is doing the Gangnam!  So if it brings you happiness, then great!  Unfortunately for poor me, it doesn’t.  Well maybe for the first couple seconds when I first saw it.

But what the heck do I know about music anyways eh?  Gangnam Style hovers somewhere outside my realm of musical awareness.   Just not my cup of tea but this blog is JUST MY TAKE.  You can ignore my cry for help.  I am fine being uncool, listening to real music.  Now where is my Elton John cd?


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2 thoughts on “Gangnam Style Not My Style

  1. Thank you!!!! I cannot stand this type of hype over nothing. It’s not a real song…not a real dance…not even something that will last decades. It’s a passing fancy and people’s fancies change at a moments notice…let’s move on…puh-leez!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster blog award…I know not as prestigious as being FP, but still fun. For more info on this award visit my blog.

    I think it was a fun award and I enjoyed playing around with it a lot. I hope you do too!

    • Thanks for the nomination! I am honored! To me, it’s not really the prestige of it but more the fact that someone considered me in a positive way, worthy of an award.
      About the Gangnam Style, it cannot go away soon enough. I read and seen enough of it. The joke should be over by now. Appreciate the comments!

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