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Confessions Of A Photo Double

When I took the job of being a photo double for Mr. Sam, I was actually excited for the change of pace.   Away from home at nights, no more bedtime routine for a few weeks, spending alone time in my trailer catching up on my reading, an endless supply of food.  All this while making more than I did at my regular job, priceless!

The first night that I had to sit for eleven hours in my trailer with nothing to do was when I lost my zeal.  I missed my boys.  I regretted thinking that I wanted a break from bedtime routine.  I missed their goodnight cuddles and their hugs and kisses.  I was lonely.

Mommy sent me this pic on one of my night shifts

Sending daddy a ‘goodnight’ pic.

When we started shooting during the day, I was still bored.  I lazed around more than I worked.  I thought of the pile of stuff I had to do when I got back to my regular job from which I had booked off three days.  I thought of the things I could have been doing with the family.  I thought of how unhealthy it was to be eating hot dogs at 1:30am.  I thought that I could never be a welfare recipient, sitting on my butt doing nothing. I thought of excuses to quit.  Then I thought how cool it was working this close to a big movie star such as Samuel L.  I had second thoughts and then third thoughts.

I was going stir crazy.  Think of the food and free money you are making, man!  Plus, there are lots of people out there who are wishing they were in your position right now.  So shut up, sit down and take one for the team, you sissy!

Luckily for me, the decision was made for me by my hair or lack of.  On the night shoots, Sam and I wore toques and no one noticed that Sam had some hair while I was rocking the bald look.  In the daytime, this was clearly evident and posed a problem with maintaining continuity.  I was wrapped!  Two shifts into a five-day spell.  Dropped like I was hot.  Dismissed like a class.  But not before spending almost 12 more hours sitting in my trailer like a pampered prisoner.  Yeah, that’s it, a pampered prisoner.  It was agreed that I would still do the night filming.

Being laid off never felt so good! I called the wife and told her to keep the boys up as Daddy was coming home!  I wanted my hugs and kisses.  They met me at the door in their jammies.  ‘Daddy!’ They yelled in unison.  It was like music to my starved ears.   “What are we going to do tomorrow after work,  boys?”  Each had his own suggestion and I agreed to them all.  I was just happy to be home.

You are probably wondering how come I barely saw the boys during filming.  Well, I was getting home from the shoots around 3am, sleep for a couple of hours then go straight to my day job.  I would go directly to the set after work.  On day shifts, I would work from early in the mornings to late evening when the boys were already in bed.

I gave it a shot but in the end, I was just not Sam.

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