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So you want to build a new house? Read this.

2012-09-03 11.06.55Moving into a new home is awesome.  Building a new house is even more awesome.  You get to be a part of the building process.  Choosing what you want and how you want it.  It’s very exciting watching  your dirt turn into a hole then a foundation, then before you know it, a frame.  You can hardly wait to move in your things and make it your home right away. Well maybe not right away.  Unless of course  you inherited some money from a dead relative and ready to splurge.

Amie wanted to build but I wanted a ‘used house’.  But honey, we can find one that has everything, well almost everything, that we need.  Everything would be done for us, like the basement, landscaping etc.  “We won’t find one that has everything. If we build, we can get exactly what we want in a house.  We need a 5 bedroom for our family and it would cost a lot to find one at a good price.”  Good point there, my sweet wifey.

In the end, I was glad that Amie got her way.  Watching our new house getting built was exciting! We, especially me, followed the progress daily.  On the way home from work, I would drive by and take photos, documenting each and every phase.  I fumed when weeks would go by without any visible signs of work being done, until Amie assured me that they could be doing work inside too.P1110761

Choosing our ‘options’ was a bit of a shock, at least to me.  I kept asking, “What? We don’t get that with the house?”  “No sir, it’s considered an upgrade.”  Was the calm response.   So that’s how they make their money…

We asked about changing the position of our kitchen sink and were told that it would be a few thousand.  Why? Because they had to move the plumbing.  Good reason except it was in the blueprint stage and there was no plumbing! How about roughing in the microwave above the range? $400. OK, nevermind.

We were pleased with it when we moved in and we are still pleased with it.  But, it had its challenges and disappointments. Too many things were still not completed and some were just poor workmanship. A chip in the jet tub still awaits attention. Wrong room dimensions, rough-ins that were paid for but not done.  There were a few ‘should-haves’ also.

If you are building in a new development, be ready to have your home taken over by dust, lots of it.  With no landscape, you will have to contend with mud being dragged in.  Your major renovations include finishing your basement, landscaping, which includes a deck and fence, and garage shelving.

Compare to other people we have spoken to, our issues were minor.  Our biggest thing was just getting hold of someone to discuss our concerns with.  Do we regret building? Not at all.  We are quite happy with the house and enjoying it to the fullest.  A new home rocks but is it for you?

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