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Who’s The Little Boy In The Pink Sundress?

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I recently found an interesting blog on WordPress.  It is a ‘mommy blog’ and chronicles her experience raising a gender nonconforming 5-year old son.  The blog is well written and shares the funny embarrassing moments.  A good read indeed.  Check it here.

I applaud the writer.  She’s one unique woman.  The stance she took when she realized that her son was not going to be ‘conforming’ to the path little boys takes guts.  She embraced it and encouraged it.  Want to wear a dress to school? Sure, pick one.  Want to come with mommy to get your nails done?  Sure thing little fella.   Me? I plain and simply could. not. do. that.  Sorry, my bad.  Call me bad daddy but bad daddy ain’t down with that!

If one of my little boys were to display a tendency to dress as a girl, I will NOT be allowing it.  At 5 years old, I will call the shots on what he wears (to a point) and it sure isn’t going to be something his female classmates wear.  Bad dad again.  At five years old, he won’t be playing with dolls if daddy could help it.

I know the ‘Let them be what they want as long as they are happy.’  Heard it all but I have to be the Happiness Grinch for a while.  I love my kids and I try to be as open as I could be.  I know I cannot control who they are and what they are going to be.  It’s usually easier for us who don’t have that problem to say stuff like, ‘Oh it’s ok.  There’s nothing wrong with that’  but how would you REALLY feel if your little boy reveal to you his yearnings to be your little girl?

To be quite honest, reading about the C.J (the kid in the blog) wearing a sundress and sporting colored fingernails is hard to get used to.  Maybe I’m just not at that point in my awareness and need some form of counselling…All I can say is, I hope I never have to deal with this because to be truthful, I am not equip with the necessary tools to be able to comfortably accept my 5-year old desire to live like a girl.

C.J is lucky to have a mom like that.  He seems like a sweet and happy little boy with a strong family at his back providing love and support.  As they say, to each his own.

Read this story here about a boy who was raised as a girl because of botched penile surgery and the consequences.  This is also another interesting read, here.


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3 thoughts on “Who’s The Little Boy In The Pink Sundress?

  1. You say this… but you obviously care about your kids, and admit that CJ is happy and well-loved. That gives me hope that if push came to shove and one of your kids was trans*, you’d love them just as much. Just because you haven’t been in that situation doesn’t mean you wouldn’t rise to the occasion if it presented itself.

    • Khai, you saw correctly! Love is a powerful thing that transcends all barriers. I am certain that I would rise to the occasion but would rather not be put to that test.

      • That’s fair. Tbh, I hope if I ever have kids they’re naturally attractive, cissexual, straight people. I want them to have every privilege they can.
        … and I’m none of those things. So, you know, on some level– I get where you’re coming from.

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