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When Madmen Violate Our Kids Sanctuary

New Town Elementary School

New Town Elementary School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It really seems as though madness comes out around Christmas and today is just another proof of that assumption.  Two heavily armed men in their twenties, entered an elementary school and allegedly killed 27 people, most of them kids.

What would or could possess anyone to arm themselves to the teeth and assault a school filled with wide-eyed, surprised, innocent and pleading children?  What ever happened to the school being a safe place for our children?  Should we add the school to the ever-growing list of places we worry about when we send our kids there?

With Christmas around the corner, I can only imagine the hopes and dreams some of these kids had.  Unopened presents under trees with their names on it, homes missing the laughter of a kid….As a dad, I cry inwardly for these children and their families.  I can’t imagine the agony of dealing with a tragedy like this.  I hope and pray that I never have to.   I pray for the souls of the deceased and the well-being of the survivors and all affected.

May the God of love and grace grant you peace and acceptance in this trying time.  May he hold you in his protective custody and let his peace shine upon you.

To us, the survivors, as we are all survivors.  Madmen and their sickness lurk among us.  We cannot be too vigilant and there’s not much we can do without sacrificing our quality of life.  The best thing is to enjoy every moment life has to offer and try not to place too much stock in the things that don’t matter.

Hug your loved ones today.  Do it now.



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4 thoughts on “When Madmen Violate Our Kids Sanctuary

  1. Memories by Me Photography on said:

    Agreed. My heart aches….I want to drive to the school right now and pick up kids and start their break early simply so they are with me, safe.

    • It’s a tragedy of epic proportions. The only time you’ll ever feel like your kids are completely safe is when they are with you but that’s also a false sense of security.

  2. Everyone asks “Why?” but once we know, will we understand or even do something about it?

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