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Not Another Christmas Album!

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Christmas music.  Give it to me in reggae, pop, celtic, rock, whatever, I love it!  The fact that I am a Christmas freak may have something to do with that.  While YouTubing for some classics recently, I found out something really strange.  Just about every man, woman and their dog had a Christmas album!  It didn’t matter if they were new on the music scene, they had a Christmas album.

It seems as soon as a new artiste comes out, their manager goes to them, “Ok, here’s the dealio. We have to, I mean we NEED to, release a Christmas album like ASAP!”  “But it’s only July…” “Nevermind that. We need a Christmas album.  It’s what makes you bonafide.  You feeling me?”

Luckily for me, I rather the Christmas classics. I like the old stuff, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and go better with everything.  Putting up the tree, decorating the house, having a Christmas dinner, or just sipping on some accidentally-laced egg nog.  It just goes together, you feeling me?  Many years ago, I would actually go out and buy the latest  Christmas album every year, before I realized that I couldn’t keep up.  How many times can one sing ‘Silent Night’?  And really, how many versions of the ‘Little Drummer Boy’ can you make?

Saying this, I must say I really enjoyed the Biebs’ Christmas album ‘Under The Mistletoe’.  It’s actually a good listen and one of the better albums out there.  It sort of reminds me of another of my oldie favorites, The Jackson 5 Christmas album, especially the way he did, ‘Some day at Christmas’, a very poignant holiday song that predicts a Christmas in the future where wars and pain etc. will be non-existent.  Too bad we won’t be around to see that…

Hmm…I wonder if Rebecca Black has a Christmas album?  ‘It’s Christmas, Christmas, gotta get down on Christmas…’


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