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Work Christmas Party

img_0155The wife and I decked out in our best last night, wait, it wasn’t really our best, we have better clothes and come to thing of it, I wasn’t even wearing a jacket, but we looked good and we felt good.  We were going to my work’s annual Christmas party.P1120443

On the way there, it suddenly dawned on me that I was on tap to say the blessings for the food! “Amie! Shoot!” I yelled, startling her, which wasn’t a good thing as she was driving.  “What?!” She calmly and nicely asked. Yeah right.  “I have to bless the table!  I totally forgot about it!” I quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and between us we managed to compose a nice prayer.  Saved by the pen!  It wasn’t a big deal when you are called to bless the table but when you are not ready, it’s a big deal.

The evening went well.  I blessed the table without any mishaps.  The food was plentiful as usual and so were the prizes.   Door prizes and spot dancing prizes and random draw prizes. Unfortunately, we were not among the lucky ones who took home something.  Like the guy at our table who won twice.

I was enjoying myself watching people enjoying themselves.  I love people watching.  Their dance moves, the drunks in the natural habitat, the olds uns thinking they are young uns… it’s awesome!  Cheap comic relief.

As I checked out the dancers on the dance floor, I noticed that the female dancers were giving a passable account of themselves but their male counterparts looked like trees swaying in the wind.  They stood rooted to their spots while their arms flailed around like appendages with minds of their own.  Hey leftie, let’s go to the right, no to the left.  To the left to the left… It was pathetic and funny at the same time. Then there’s the guy who looked like he missed the bus that was evacuating people from the 80s.  Dressed in black tight jeans and doing some sort of hip thrust that looked mighty painful.  He’s gonna be hurting when he wakes up.

It was a good party and as always, a great way to hang out with your other halves and just mingle.  Too bad a lot of employees chose not to show up as they thought it was hypocritical that their bosses acted so nice to them at the parties but at work they were a**holes.  To each his own I say.

Yes, the DJ did play Gangnam style and engaged a few brave souls, not me, but fortunately, no lives were lost on the dancefloor.holiday_office_party


Gangnam Dangerous To Your Health

Gangnam Kills Man

Death By Gangnam Style


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