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My Kids Are Finally Paying Off!

Peanut butter and grasshopper sandwich with a ...

Ok, it’s not exactly an investment, having kids I mean.  I didn’t get into the baby making business in the hopes of a payoff in the end.  No, all I wanted was to be the proud daddy whose kids grew up clinging to his teachings and examples.  That’s payoff enough.

Then this morning while trying to cling to the remnants of my sleep and refusing to admit defeat in that fight, my 6-year old came in to boast that he had made himself breakfast.  Groggily I asked him if he had made me any and he said no.  Of course he didn’t right?  He’s only a kid.  He then asked what I wanted and I told him two slices of toast would be great.  “Do you want peanut butter and jam or just butter?”  He asked smartly.  “Hmm…peanut butter and jam.”  He turned to leave but faced me again.  “Daddy, do you want me to put the peanut butter and jam on one slice then put them together or on each slice?”  Ok son, don’t overplay the joke.   “On each slice.”

I took a shower and got dressed for work while he left to catch his school bus   When I got downstairs, two neatly peanut buttered and jammed slices of toast were waiting patiently for me.  I was touched.  Little things have a way of touching me.  Gosh son!

While I was sleeping or busy playing Samuel L., my son had grown up!  I didn’t even notice the transition.  Good on you son, good on you!



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