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Anti-Christ But Pro-Christmas

Is it possible to be an atheist but take part in the Christmas celebrations?  The reason I asked is that I see and hear of people who are outspoken in their beliefs, or disbelief.  They professed to be atheists but when it comes to Christmas and other Christian-related holidays, they are all over it like a cheap suit.

I am not passing judgement on who should and should not attend their work Christmas parties, accept presents and enjoy the Christmas experience.  What’s not to enjoy about Christmas?  We celebrate the birth the most high while engaging in fun activities.   So like I said, what’s not to celebrate?   But if the Klu Klux Klan had a holiday that was widely celebrated by people of like thoughts and beliefs, would I feel inclined to be a part of the festivities just because it seemed like a fun time?  I think not.  I don’t like parties that much

So now, does this mean that such a person is either a hypocrite or confused?  Or maybe just loves a good party?  You tell me.  I do think that most people who professed to be atheists are usually just confused or feeling their need to be radical.

Just my opinion, everyone has one.  What’s yours?

Merry Christmas to all!


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2 thoughts on “Anti-Christ But Pro-Christmas

  1. I don’t see what the issue is quite honestly. Christmas in the states is very secular these days. Sure, some folks go to church that morning or even have up a religious display but for lots of folks it’s about presents, trees, Santa, and family. Atheists enjoy that side of things.

    Besides, all that stuff was around way before Christianity anyhow, from the trees to the mistletoe. Christianity co-opted Winter Solstice because they were trying to convert pagans and they thought it would be a good PR move.

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