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Treyton’s 3!! But I want to talk about puke.

Wanna mess with me?

Wanna mess with me?

I know, I said my goodbyes and promised not to bug you until after Christmas but a blogger will always be a blogger.  I have composed so many blogs in my mind since I last blogged.  It’s in my blood.  So here’s one that I just had to write.  Sounded like a tongue twister there.  How many blogs can a blogger blog if a blogger has blog in his blood? Try saying that fast a few times.  Feel free to share it as I haven’t copyrighted it yet.

Treyton turned 3 yesterday, December 23.  Too bad that his birthday falls around the busiest time of the year.  With all the hustle and bustle of everyone preparing for an even bigger birthday, he was all but forgotten.  To top it off he woke up sick.  He was having breathing problems and even managed a complimentary puke on his birthday.

Talking about puke, isn’t puking mesmerizing?  All of a sudden your little one open up his mouth and out comes the bubbling bile like an erupting volcano.  Take this morning for example.  I was alone with the boys as mommy had some errands to run.  Last minute stuff.  They boys wanted cereal for breakfast and I was happy to obliged.  What could be easier?   Trey still had a cough so I talked him out of having the Harvest Crunch that his brothers were having for fear it might aggravate his cough and maybe cause him to vomit.  I gave him Cheerios instead which he ate with a relish.

After the other boys were done eating, I, for some strange reason, took leave of my senses.  Trey said he wanted more cereal and I let him try some of Mikhail’s leftover.   Yes, Harvest Crunch.  The puke came almost instantly!  I was like a tourist staring at an erupting volcano.  Except the tourist doesn’t have to clean up the lava off the mountain when it’s all over.

Wow!  This is going to leave a big mess for me to clean.  Where is this child’s mother when you need her?’    I stood there staring like I’ve never seen such a sight.  Isn’t it funny how vomiting just does that to you?  You stand there and watch and watch and then finally there’s nothing left but the big sickness-inducing smell and the mess for you to clean.  Watching your kid puke causes two reactions.  You either instinctively put your hand under his mouth or you freeze.  I froze and I stared.  Sometimes I do the hand-under-mouth thing too.

So now where do I start?  Puke’s on his clothes, on his chair and on the floor.  Pick one and hurryThe puke’s not gonna clean itself up.  So I picked up the kid.  Ok, what do you do with him?  Take his clothes off! No wait, I don’t want to have another mess so I take him to the bathroom, trailing bits of breakfast on the floor.  Ok son, stay here and puke in the toilet while daddy cleans up the mess. 

Clean the table, clean the chair, clean the floor then sanitize.  Then pre-wash his clothes before putting in the washing machine…Puke cleaning is hard work.  I think I would have preferred the volcano.

The hardest thing about cleaning up after a puker is trying not to be a puker yourself.  I was strong and kept the inside stuff inside me.  The little guy is doing better and today, Christmas eve, we will acknowledge his birthday formally.

Happy Holidays!


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2 thoughts on “Treyton’s 3!! But I want to talk about puke.

  1. I feel for you man. Isaiah puked all over the carpet in our bedroom and in front of the only bathroom in the house. The next week Emma puked all over our new hardwoods in the house we haven’t moved into yet. Yuck, stink… I know how you feel. Where do you start cleaning ’cause it splashed everywhere!!! I mean everywhere!!

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