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Alcohol and Facebook

thYou are perhaps wondering where I’m going with this blog.  Well they may sound like a mismatched couple but alcohol and Facebook , has more in common than you think.

I had this Aha! moment the other day while on Facebook.  I was checking my news feed and browsing a few status updates.   Some of the statuses my friends had led me to wonder,  “Would she say this in person?” or  “This does not sound like him at all.  He doesn’t talk like this.  Actually he’s never talked like this in all the years that I have known him.”    And that is when I made the connection.

Facebook and Twitter to some extent, gives us that imagined protection and bravery to say whatever we want, just like alcohol.  All of a sudden, we can talk about our lazy boyfriend or girlfriend and even wax philosophical.  Just like with alcohol.  We can rant about how bad life is and how our work sucks, also just like alcohol.  Hey, and when on Facebook, it’s all about us.  We try to be the center of attention.  Again, (Let’s all say it together) JUST LIKE ALCOHOL!  I mean, some of us don’t need Facebook or alcohol to do all that but for the rest of us, we need a dose of bravery, in liquid or media form.

So, which persona is  real?   Is Facebook giving us the chance and courage to be and say who we really are or are we playing dress up?  If it is the former, maybe I should only communicate with my friends and family via Facebook.  This way we could be ‘keep it real’.   Or have a nice stiff drink of bravery.  I am thinking most would opt for that choice.

And you thought I was going to blog about Facebooking while drunk.




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2 thoughts on “Alcohol and Facebook

  1. This is an excellent comparison. You are so right! I don’t like Facebook myself – it does have its good points in helping people connect, but it is wide open for gossip and bullying which has disastrous results.

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