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We All Lie. Lance Armstrong, Neil Armstrong…

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong (Photo credit: goat karma)

I loved Ben Johnson.  He was one of my favorite athletes.  When news broke that he had taken banned substance, I was more inclined to believe his denials than the claims.  Being a part time conspiracy theorist helped too.  Then Marion Jones, same thing.  Barry Bonds, Hulk Hogan,  Manny Pacquiao, Pee Wee Herman, oh wait a minute, how did Pee Wee get on that list?  Scratch him.  Maybe scratch the Pac Man too, not sure yet.  But anyways, these guys sounded so sincere in their denials.  “NO!  I DID NOT TAKE ANY STERIODS!  I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!”  How could I not believe them?  Plus I’m a real good judge of people.  But these guys are good.  Pretty convincing at least to me.

Then came Lance Armstrong.  The king of the cycling world.  This time I was certain the system was out to get him.  He wouldn’t knowingly cheat.  Of course he wouldn’t, he had too much to lose.  Heck, the guy beat cancer, he knows how to fight the odds without cheating. Plus he had that Livestrong foundation thingy going for him.  He won’t sully his name like that.   Lance decision to take the punishment rather than fight the inquiry, raised some questions but not enough.  I still believed he was innocent.

I was just starting to get over this whole thing when out of the blue, Lance decided he was going to come clean on the Oprah Winfrey Show!  What?  Come clean?  You mean you weren’t truthful? You tricked me?  I should have known!  Asked by Oprah if he took steroids, he said yes.   Blood transfusions? Yes.  Growth hormones?  Are you stupid? Yes.  Oh Lance….

When will they ever learn that they will get caught?  Is it worth the risks? Granted, he stands to still make up to $100 000 per gig as a public figure.   Just to show up at stuff and looked pretty.   Lance, I don’t give a crap about what you did. The roids that is.   You stand to lose a lot more than you could have gained.  Sucks to be you but if only you were smart enough your name could have been indelibly etched in the annals of history as a great man.  Now don’t take this the wrong way but now you might only be remembered as a fraud, a coward, a cheat and a fool.  All those tours? Just a big waste of time.  Nothing to show for them.

Don’t worry, it’s just my take.


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