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What Happened In Vegas

What's so funny?

What’s so funny?

Ok, you don’t really think I am going to chronicle my weekend in Vegas, did you?  You think I’m dumb?  Don’t answer that.

My nephew turned 21 years old this month and we all know what that means.  Legal everywhere!  To capitalize on this, his dad decided to take him to Las Vegas.   I, along with three other friends, agreed with him and decided to accompany them as there’s strength in numbers.  I know you are probably wondering, “Why didn’t your brother just send him to Vegas with his friends instead of you old fogeys?”  Well that sounds all fine and dandy but what good would that have been to us?  Could you think of a better excuse to give our spouses on why we were having a guys’ trip to Vegas?  Come on…

Anyways, we left last Friday afternoon.   My brother lives in Toronto so he flew out from there with his son while the rest of us flew out of Winnipeg and met them at the Las Vegas Hotel.  Such a unique name for a hotel.  (When I stepped off the plane, the first person I saw was a co-worker!  Jeez man, you find everything in Vegas!  And I thought she was at work… Found out later that she was there for a week.  A week! And I didn’t miss her at work? Maybe she was answering my emails via mobile…)

My brother and I had been to Vegas before so we sort of had a foggy idea of what was what and where was where.  The only difference was that we had our spouses with us and they had a clear idea of what was what and where was where.  They planned every move we made and we knew where we were going before we even got to Vegas.  Back then, we grumbled and fretted when they dragged us out of our comfy but maybe bug-infested hotel beds to go walk the strip and see places of interest.  On our own, we were useless.  Don’t tell the guys I said that as they might not want to admit it but I am man enough to.  We were like tits on a bull.  Ok maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

On our first night, we couldn’t find a place to eat.  Yep, in Vegas we couldn’t find a place to eat.  So we ended up at this one joint where our bill was almost $200 and the food was minimal both in quality and quantity.  We were disappointed.  Then we walked and walked trying to find something. Anything.  Next thing I remember was being back at the hotel.

Back in our rooms, we made plans to get up early and not waste our day.  9am was the agreed-upon time and a breakfast buffet was on top of the list to do first.  On our way back to our hotel, we spotted a few places that we wanted to try.

In the morning, only four of us including my brother and his son, answered the bell.  The other two were enjoying their beds.  So we did what any stern parent would do, we left them behind and told them to meet up with us.  They didn’t or couldn’t.  We never saw them again until later that day.  Don’t worry, they weren’t idle.  Apparently they found an awesome buffet also.  It was close, very close.  Actually just downstairs.  Ok, you can stop laughing now.  Blame it on the alcohol.  They also rented a car and drove out to the Hoover Dam.  Not bad for two men sans women. Us three early birds, we also did a little shopping.  We didn’t see the damn dam but we saw uhm…er…something?  *Hey buddy!  What’s that thing we saw again?*

Friday night, we noticed that the bar downstairs was happening and we put it on our to-do list for Saturday night.  After having a few drinks in our room, we got cleaned up and went down to check it out.   turned out we didn’t clean up good enough.  A couple of us were wearing runners and they had a dress code that included no such footwear.  Who would have thunk it?  Dress shoes in Vegas?  I wasn’t planning on getting married.

So anyways, not wanting to waste the night, on the strip we went.  Up down, out and across.  Seeing everything but seeing nothing.  Walk, walk, walk.  Getting nowhere.  Somehow, we managed to get back to our hotel around 5:30am.  Now that’s the Vegas experience!

The next day, we started getting our act together.  We actually went sight-seeing.  Checked out the Mob Museum and Pawn Stars before heading to the airport.

Did I have fun? It’s Vegas, of course I did! It wasn’t just about doing things and seeing places.  It was more of the laughs we shared hanging out.  No regrets but next time maybe we take the wives or one wife or maybe an event planner….NOT!  Spontaneity baby!


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2 thoughts on “What Happened In Vegas

  1. Well…I did ignore most of the e-mails I received while on holidays, but responded to the “important” ones.
    We weren’t as shocked to see you – seeing as you posted on fb that you were on your way to Vegas – I read it while sitting in the airport and thought. hmmm…. I wonder if it’s the flight we’re going back on…..low and behold.
    Glad you had a great time Carlos!

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