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He Said What?

This morning I was listening to 92 CITI FM when I heard the dj say, “Son of a b###h!”    Now I’m not a prude or nor am I perfect, even though some may think I am, but it sure caught me off guard.  Does everything goes on radio and tv now?

I have three young kids and I censor what they hear and see on radio, tv and computer.  I  know most kids these days hardly know what a radio is much less to listen to one early in the morning but I still think colorful language and conversation has no place on radio.  That fine line that separates the acceptable from the not-so-acceptable is getting blurrier and blurrier.




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4 thoughts on “He Said What?

  1. It is really hard today to turn on the TV or radio and not hear or see something that is inappropriate. Everywhere you go, you can see magazines and books with images and words that should not be seen by children. It’s no wonder that our children are growing up with a lack of sensitivity towards people and life in general. Keep censoring – I certainly did with my children – it sends them a message that you don’t approve and makes you a good role model to follow.

  2. Unfortunately what is acceptable today crosses the line!

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