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Cheapskate Pastor Says Yes To Tithing But No To Tipping

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Sometimes even well-meaning Christians forget what it actually means to be Christians.  Yes,  I do too.   We start focusing on serving ourselves and forget it is more than just us.  It’s serving those we share the earth with.  In this case, it’s serving those who serve us.

I read of a pastor who along with eight friends went out dining at Applebee’s Restaurant.  Because of the size of her party, there was an auto-tip of 18% added to her bill.  The pastor resented this and showed her resentment by writing on the bill, “I give God 10% why do you get 18?”  Now some cheapskates people might agree with the pastor’s take and stiff the poor minimum-wage-earning waitress whose job it is to cater to the whims of her diners.  To me, I think…well you know by now what I think.

To one server, it was insulting and comical.  So much that she took a photo of the bill and posted it online where it went viral.  Well of course it will.  People pounce on that kind of stuff.

Was the pastor right?  In my opinion, no she wasn’t.  I think she was being a miserable cheapskate and should have exercised her Godliness in a more positive way than she did.  Was the waitress right in posting the offending receipt?  Well I probably would have done the same thing.  Unfortunately, her manager didn’t see it that way and fired her.   She apparently breached an unwritten confidentiality law that made it illegal to post bills that diners wrote on online.  The pastor wasn’t a happy camper went she found out her autographed receipt was viral online.   Serves her right!  She should have thought of that before she did what she did.

The thing is lately is that many of us think that going to church, tithing and reading the bible make us perfect Christians.  Somewhere along the way, we forget the ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ part.  Sorry if I step on any toes but it’s my take and my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Cheapskate Pastor Says Yes To Tithing But No To Tipping

  1. I don’t think anyone was right in this situation. Restaurants should never automatically add a tip – tipping should be totally voluntary and I would have resented it too. The pastor should have just paid the tip and never gone back there to eat again – as I would have done. The waitress should never have posted the receipt – this was very unprofessional and I would certainly have fired an employee for doing such a thing – she needs to face the consequences of her actions. It didn’t matter if she breached a confidentiality law – it was not ethical!

    Why are people in this world so anxious to hurt people when they don’t meet their expectations? What does it accomplish? What if everything we did was an open book for the world to see? What if every time somebody didn’t like something we did, they posted it online?

    As for tipping – this is a sore spot with me because I think restaurants should just pay their staff a decent wage and cut out all the tips. I know when we go out to eat we are expected to leave a tip but I don’t always follow the 15% guideline – I tip what I want. I’ve had friends who are waiters and waitresses who used to brag about the tips they made and tell me that they deserved it because of the hard work they did – however, I’ve worked at jobs that were much more physically and mentally demanding making minimum wage and I never got a tip for my hard work – so I think the whole concept of tipping is wrong.

    As for tithing – I do believe in this practice but I wouldn’t really compare it to tipping – yet the pastor did make a good point – our money all belongs to God anyway.

  2. Appreciate the read and comment. See my follow up blog on this.

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