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My Friday Take – Is It A Catholic Thing?

I know there are some hard-core Catholics out there and because of this, I apologize if this post rubs you the wrong way.  I too was once a catholic and my family, especially my dear old granny, eats ,breathes and sleeps the Catholic religion.

Today, I read a disturbing article in which a cardinal, Roger Mahony, was relieved of his duties.  That wasn’t disturbing but apparently, he had a long and tainted career of protecting the integrity, (what integrity?) of the church.  He did this by protecting (aiding and abetting?) suspected pedophiles.  One such suspect, a Mexican priest, is alleged to have molested 26 boys in a 10-month span!  Mahony refused to turn over the list of the boys to police.  Other accusations involved priests drugging the kids.  These were the ‘men of God’ that the well-meaning Roger Mahony was protecting.  As long as the church came up smelling like roses, who cares if a few kids were harmed right?

Let me lay it down for you, I know some good non-pedophile practicing Catholic Christians and I don’t want to paint them all with the same brush.  What I do want to say is that I don’t think I would feel comfortable being a part of religion that has so much history of child sexual abuse.  I know all religions and faiths have bad people who kill, rape, etc. but I don’t know of any other religion that has such a rampant and well documented history of criminal behavior against children. It’s almost like an organized crime for goodness sake!  It’s like an embarrassment.  Scratch that, it is an embarrassment to well-meaning Catholic Christians.

I have a question though.  Why is the Catholic church plagued with so many allegations of child abuse world-wide?  I have been in discussions where some think that it is because they are not allowed to marry.  Well if this is true, shouldn’t they be out there molesting grown women?  How does a child take the place of a missing wife?  If I wasn’t allowed to marry, I think there are other legal and acceptable alternatives that I would engage in, not turn to little boys to fill my void.

And that’s it for my Friday’s take.  Remember, it’s my opinion.


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2 thoughts on “My Friday Take – Is It A Catholic Thing?

  1. Why is the Catholic church plagued with so many allegations of child abuse world-wide?

    I think you’ve just answered your own question: because the Catholic Church is worldwide. Protestant churches — even Protestant denominations — are local and not institutional. When a Baptist or Pentecostal preacher is found guilty of molestation — which happens frequently (just google) — you don’t hear everyone accusing all Baptist churches or all Pentecostal churches of complicity in pedophilia or alleging all ministers to be pedophiles. Because there is no central body governing all of those: they are largely independent. Precisely because the Catholic Church is a single entity that spans the entire globe — because there are hundreds of thousands of Catholic priests and churches and thousands of bishops, in every country on earth — and because they are all governed by a single institution, and faithful to a single pope — the Catholic Church singly shoulders the blame for all the many cases of sexual abuse. And rightly so — it is the most detestable sin and crime and scandal, pastors abusing innocent children in their care or bishops shielding abusive priests. But if you tally up all the other cases of Christian ministers of every denomination and in every country and set them alongside the Catholic Church, it would not look quite so guilty by comparison. Most of the alleged cases of abuse in the Catholic Church took place decades ago, and are only just now coming to light. You will seldom hear of a recent case of abuse by a Catholic priest (it does happen, sadly, but infrequently). The Church, in the past two or three decades, has rent itself up one side and down the other to purge itself of such shame. It has striven to clean up its act, and has gone a long way in doing so. But it will probably always carry the stigma of blame that you and many others are holding against it.

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