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Repentant Pastor Made Me Eat Humble Pie

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Logo used from 1980–2007, still in use at some Applebee’s locations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not too often that I go back on my take or eat humble pie so to speak.  This is one of those not-too-often occasions.  My last blog was harshly critical of the pastor, Alois Bell and her Applebee’s adventure.   If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read my blog here.

To refresh you, Pastor Alois went to dine at Applebee’s with some friends and when it came time to pay the bill, she was charged 18% gratuity.  She was not  impressed and showed it by writing, “I give God 10% why do you get 18%?”  A waitress finding it  insulting and comical felt that it was internet worthy and posted it online where it went viral.   She, the waitress, was promptly fired when the Pastor called the restaurant voicing her objection to the alleged invasion of privacy and breach of customer trust.  Well me being my opinionated self, jumped all over it and berated the pastor for being a cheapskate for trying to shortchange the poor waitress.

Later, I saw an interview that Pastor Alois Bell did on the Fox network.  I watched it in its entirety and within the first couple of minutes, I realized that I had been too quick to crucify the pastor.  She was very open and apologetic and being a good reader of people, I knew she was legit.  She did not show up to the interview wearing a brand name suit with hair and nails done.  She looked like your regular woman in the next pew.   She was down-to-earth and real.  Alois saw the lesson that her action presented.  She admitted her human frailty that led her to do what she did.  We all make mistakes.  Even I do.  And did.

Alois, you keep on doing your thing.  You seem like a nice person.  You erred but we all err but not all of us say sorry.  I am sorry for being so quick to judge and sentence you.  After all, who the heck am I to cast the first stone?


Watch the pastor’s apologize on Fox:

Pastor apologizes


Cheapskate pastor

Casting the first stone


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7 thoughts on “Repentant Pastor Made Me Eat Humble Pie

  1. Great post! It is refreshing to see someone admit they might have been too quick to judge – too many people today just want to prove a point and don’t really care if they hurt anyone. It is human nature to react quickly and I’ve certainly been wrong many times in judging people. None of us is perfect – we all make mistakes and we say things that we shouldn’t. Words are powerful and once said they can never be erased. I just finished a class in communication and our teacher always said – pick your words.

  2. Max Power on said:

    Fuck Alois. Shows you the true nature of a person of God, selfish, childish and a liar. Look at her LIE now. She left NO CASH. She continues to lie. What a Christian!

  3. I was just wondering…did the waitress get her job back?

    Be encouraged!

  4. True words. Thanks Stephen.

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