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Our New ‘Kid’ From Prague

The boys welcoming Alex

The boys welcoming Alex

On Saturday evening, we went to the airport to pick up the latest addition to our family.  Alexander is from Prague and is our seventh International Student.  So far we have had four from Brazil, one from Mexico, one from Germany and now Prague.

Being host parents is not for everyone as some families see it as an intrusion.  Some are just not comfortable with having strangers living in their homes.  For us, it has been a rewarding experience.  We have made lots of new friends and learned a lot about the different countries.  For some, the hosting experience has not been so great and in some cases, a kid has had to be sent back home.  We are happy to say that all our experiences have been good.  Our students have blended well into our family and have left lasting memories with us especially the boys.  We see them as the sons and daughters that we never had.

It’s early to tell but from my first impression I think we are going to have a great time with Alex.  He’s a smart kid and not very shy and his English is very good, which also helps.



Alex’s reaction when he stepped outside of the airport and into the  -20-something Winnipeg cold was classic.  It was as if he was punched in the face.  Good thing he was wearing a jacket and a scarf.  Too bad he missed last week’s temperatures that hovered close to -50 with the windchill factored in.

Welcome to Canada and Winnipeg, Alex!  We hope you enjoy your time with us!





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