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Poking Becomes Serious On Facebook

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Remember when poking your friends on Facebook was innocent and carried no intent or purpose?  Well that was so last year.   There’s now a new Facebook app that allows users to pick which friend they want to ‘poke’ and if said friend agree to their subtle request, ladies and gentlemen, we have a sex match!    Mama mia!

Let me weight in on this as you expect me to.  When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke.  No way!  How could they?  Well way.  And they not only could, they did.  Remember when things were sacred?  Not saying that I’ve never had meaningless sex, yes I have. So sue me.  Just kidding, don’t sue me.  But seriously, an app to set up sexual encounters with your Facebook friends?

I can imagine this conversation between a couple.  “Honey, what are you doing?”  “Oh nothing, just on Facebook.”  The wife comes running up.  “Why are you going through your friends’ list?  Think I don’t know about that new app called ‘Bang with  friends’ that you can hook up with your friends with?”  “Babes, I am just deleting some friends.  Cleaning house.  I don’t have that app and never will.  You are all the woman I need. I love you.”   “Honey, I think it’s time we cancel our Facebook accounts.”

Yes, Bang With Friends app is here.  A user, from the comfort of his bedroom, can let Jessica know he has harbored sexual thoughts and pent-up lusts over her.   Should she decide that she shares his feelings somewhat, they can get together and see if the sparks fly.

Why am I not vehement in my objection to this?  Well maybe because nothing like this surprises me anymore.   Love, marriage and sex are not what they used to be.  Self respect is fast disappearing.  It’s appalling to say the least.  It’s degrading but I am so desensitized that I can see the humor in it.   I am sorry if I say it’s funny but it’s my take, remember?  Must I always remind you of that?

Anyways, to each his own.  If consulting adults feel like poking their friends, knock  yourselves out.  It’s happening with or without the app.  The app just puts in more in our faces but it’s been happening while we snooze.



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