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Happy Valentine's day!

It’s 5 days since V-day and I admit that I was amiss in not blogging about the thoughtful and ingenious things my wife did for Valentine Day.

Amie and I, well mostly her, had agreed that whatever we came up with for Valentine’s day would not cost anything.  As I’m not a big fan of the hype that surrounds it, I of course agreed.

On Valentine’s day, I got into my freezing car and there stuck to the steering wheel was envelope number one.  Also enclosed was a Tim Horton’s gift card.  The letter inside detailed how we first met and what attracted me to her.  It also instructed that I get myself a breakfast on the way to work.   I didn’t.

I got to work at 6am, opened up my laptop and resting on my keyboard, another envelope with my name.  Being not too dumb, I saw the connection.  I knew it was from my wife and it wasn’t a grocery or a to-do list.   But seriously now, how did she do that?

This would have been enough for me as I am easily pleased and easily amused.  I enjoy simplicity, but no, she wasn’t done.  There was another letter on my desk.  Then when I picked up the boys from pre-school, their teacher handed me another.   Amie’s mom passed me one when I picked up the boys from her house and Mikhail had one for daddy when I took him to piano class.  Even our student, Alex did his part in delivering mail that day.  The last one was hanging on the fridge.

The letters chronicled our life together from when we met to present.   The last letter thanked me for being the dad and husband that I am.  (Nothing about getting me the big-screen tv for the man-cave).  Obviously, Amie put a lot of thought into this and she got the reaction she hoped for.  I was impressed, happy and appreciative.

What did I do for her?  Wouldn’t you like to know…


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