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If faith without works is dead, how about works without faith?


Many of us believe that all we need to do is believe in God and study the bible and this should be good enough to make us  candidates for Heavenly rewards.  What we ignore is the part of the Bible that states  ‘Faith without works is dead.’   To me, that means that I can believe until I’m blue in the face but if I do nothing about it, then my faith is useless.   Dead.  Which makes sense.  Why it makes sense?  Well with genuine faith and belief in Him comes the need to be like Him.  If we want to be like him then we have to exhibit good works.

Now if my faith is dead because I have no works to back it up,  how about if I do good works BUT I have no faith and/or belief in God?  I am a good person, right?  My works show that I am, so where do I stand?  That’s a good one.  One that we hear often.   I think that indeed if I go out and do good deeds, without a doubt, I am a good person.  Not Godly, but good.  So don’t I get some sort of reward for doing good? Maybe a free pass to Heaven?  Well consider this, you have a son who you love very much.  You give him whatever he wants and treat him as good as any kid would want to be treated.   Unfortunately, your son does not acknowledge you or love you.  He couldn’t care if you live or die.  But on the flip side, he is great doing his chores and homework.  He is otherwise a good boy.  Would you be satisfied?  Would his works be good enough to make you ignore the fact that he couldn’t care less about you?

My take.   And you, keep up the good work.



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4 thoughts on “If faith without works is dead, how about works without faith?

  1. We discuss faith and good works often in our Bible Study class and both of them really go together. Our church believes that you need to have faith in God if you want to go to heaven but this doesn’t mean faith just on Sunday or when we meet in our groups – real faith means being a passionate follower of Jesus all the time. When you have this strong, deep faith you will want to do good works because it is the right thing to do. Just doing good works without faith won’t get you to heaven because you are believing in yourself and doing works with a selfish motive.

  2. Great post, very thought provoking. In response, I’d say, no, works without faith is not enough. Taking your example of a son, I would want him to acknowledge all I do for him as a parent. God is the same way. That’s why He wants us to pray to Him, even though, since he is all-knowing, he already knows what we are going to say. That said, I don’t think a good, moral person who doesn’t believe in God is going to Hell; there will be some heavenly reward for him.

    • You really think so? I hate to be judgmental but on this one I really don’t know. There are a lot of people who do good without believing in God. I am not sure what’s in store for someone like that. It would suck if they end up being judged in the same way as a willful sinner.
      Thanks for the comment!

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