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Mindless Monday – Sitting In The Hot Seat


Yes! My butt is warm!

This past weekend, while was using the family van to go to an appointment, I immediately noticed the comforting feel of warmth on my backside and the warm air enveloping me.  You are probably thinking,  “Yes? So you have heated seats and heat from your vents, what’s the big deal?”  The big deal is that for most of the winter and especially on the days that the temperatures were dipping close to -50,  I was driving our car that had no heat. No heat!   (Hey! Go easy on the old beater! At least it started every morning without it being plugged in).  But a few times, I actually had to pull over and scrape ice off the windows. I am serious!

So while I was driving to work at 5:30am every morning,  feeling like a human popsicle, my wife was riding like a boss, her posterior kept nice and warm in a cozy and heated van.  Talk about riding in style…

Last week, even with the temperatures not as bad as earlier days, I still couldn’t feel my toes when I got to work.  I had to remove my shoes and socks and dangle them in front of my heater.   Yeah, Yeah.  I should suck it up and be a man, right?   I know but when it comes to cold, I admit I’m a ‘sucky poo’ as my mother-in-law would say, but like I always say, I am not from around here.  That’s my excuse for everything and I am sticking to it.

I should not complain though.  Amie takes the boys to school before she heads to work and I think I could suck it up enough to ‘take one for the team’.  I could be the walking driving snowman for a few months.  And what kind of man and husband would I be to let my Angel of a wife take the cold car so I could be a man-princess on the way to work?

But I just wish that for one -45 degree morning, I could have…ah, nevermind.  You are welcome honey!  I got your butt back.

Honey, I am home!

Honey, I am home!



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