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Maybe it’s not a great idea having a sick kid in your bed if you are a worry wart

thIf you are like me and worry when your kids are ill, then you probably also like to let them sleep in your bed so you can observe them, am I right?  Well after last night, I have concluded that this is not such a great idea, even for ‘observational purposes’.

Last night, Kenyan came to our bed after midnight.  As he has not been feeling too good for the last couple of days, we allowed him to used the space between mommy and daddy.  Since we moved up to a king bed, we barely use that space anyways.

He felt feverish as soon as I touched him.  Or was he?  Well he seemed hot.  I thought of taking his temperature but was too darn tired.  I opted to close my eyes and sleep instead.  I said observing not doctoring.  Before I could succumb to the Sandman, I noticed that he would twitch/spasm and grind his teeth audibly every two minutes or so.  That’s no good!  I was concerned but thought he was just reacting to his dream and I rubbed his back to reassure him.  He was not dreaming because he reached over and hugged me right back but continued his twitch/jerk/spasm routine.

The kid is having seizures! That would explain his headache!  Crazy thoughts went through my head.  I listened closely to his breathing and noticed that it seemed like he would stop breathing for a few moments then catch his breath in a gasp.  I waved the Sandman away and was on high alert now.  Sleep apnea and a mini seizures? My poor  son!  What next? Oh yeah, stuffy nose.  Amie! How could you lie there sleeping so calmly while our little one is fighting a battle for his life? Wake up!  I didn’t actually wake her up.

So that’s how I spent most of the remaining hours of the night.  Observing and misdiagnosing the boy.  He has been sick with a high fever and headache since Saturday.  Even had to visit the Children Emergency on Sunday evening to get looked at.  So you can understand my concerns.  You can, right?  Daddy hates it when his boys are ailing.  But kids are such weird sleepers, aren’t they?  By the way, he woke up fine and went to school.

Blowing a kiss at Daddy from his hospital bed

Blowing a kiss at Daddy from his hospital bed


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