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Whose Room Is It Anyway?

With the basement project all but completed, our house now boasts five bedrooms instead of three.  (Three up and two down).  This was the main reason we bought it as our family needed the space.  We have also completed the change-over which saw Azur moving to his new basement digs while our new International student occupies the other.

Mikhail, who previously shared a bedroom with his two brothers, moved into the Azur’s old room.  He was not overly excited about this and Kenyan was not either.  Kenyan kept asking if Mikhail could at least sleep on the floor in their room.  The first night they kept yelling down the hall to each other.  “At least you can still hear me, Mik.”  Kenyan yelled at him.  It was an ‘awww’ moment for sure.  Mikhail is now used to his room especially since he now has his own brand new double bed and dresser fit for a teen.


Sitting in his Diego chair with his new dresser in the background

New bed!

New bed!

Treyton seems to be the only one excited about the changes to his sleeping arrangement.  He got promoted to the bunk bed, which he now shares with Kenyan.  Kenyan occupies the much-coveted top bunk.  His delight is  bitter-sweet as he sacrificed his big brother to get it.  It’s like playing ‘musical room’ isn’t it? Oh I forgot to mention that Azur also got a brand new dresser fit for a teen too.

So everyone’s happy or getting there slowly and things are great at the Walcotts’.

Azur's new dresser

Azur’s new dresser


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