Musings Of A Daddy

th (1)Amie and I were discussing parenting techniques especially as it pertains to our  teen-aged Foster son, Azur.  I was surprised and a bit put off to learn that she did not share my views on what was acceptable or unacceptable behavior.  It actually made me stand back and question myself.  Am I becoming irrelevant in regards to today’s teens?  Am I too harsh? Do I even have what it takes to cope with my boys when they turn into teenagers? Am I a teen player and should I take one for the teen?

This whole thing started when I reluctantly had to wash the dishes after making dinner, while a young, healthy and capable kid ate and disappeared into his room.  (It wasn’t his scheduled dish-washing day.  He does the dishes two days a week and the puts out the garbage once a week).  “We didn’t take him in to be our servant”.  Amie…

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