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Winter to-dos not done.

Last fall I had lofty aspirations to use the long months of winter to my advantage.  I wanted to engage in fun activities that would make the winter go by quickly.  Learning to skate was one of the big ones. It was a personal goal.  I also planned on going tobogganing and making a few snowmen with the boys.  Well I did watch from inside while they made a snowman once.

On the weekend, we set our clocks forward one hour, signalling the impending arrival of Spring.  Sadly, I have not accomplished much in terms of my goals.   Yes, the Winter was extremely long.  And cold.  We went to the city’s popular river trail for a family evening of skating and I actually did take along my brand new and unused skates with the intention of lacing up but the nice guy that I am, I lent them to our International student, Alex, who had none.  But the intention was there.  Honestly.

Oh yeah, I also had ‘house projects’ on the list and I kept that promise.  Oh boy did I ever!  I’m still paying for it. Literally.  So next time, I play it by ear.  No more to-do lists.  I am simplifying things.  When it’s cold, I stay inside.  When it’s hot, I stay outside.  If it’s not too hot, that is.

As for winter aspirations, who am I trying to fool or impress? I am not a winter person and never would be so I might as well expect the winters to be long.  But I seriously would like to learn how to skate.  Maybe next winter…


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