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Don’t mess with my clocks!

daylightI am not a fan of DST.  No, it’s not a sales tax.  I am talking about Daylight Savings Time.  I hate this ‘Spring forward, fall back’ crap that I have to endure every year in the pretext of saving energy.

I did a little digging around to see exactly how and when this silly practice came about and found out it was actually the brainchild of one Benjamin Franklin, ever heard of him? Well damn you, Benny! *Yawn*

So what are the benefits of this?  Other than turning me into a zombie, it helps to keep employees so tired and confused that they fail to recognize when their bosses are screwing them around.  When you are tired, you never argue.  It saves energy because when we uhm…er…ok, forget that one.  It helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle by spending an extra hour outdoors, enjoying that extra hour of daylight.    In fact, I did see an increase in my outdoor activities. NOT!  I spend that extra hour indoor trying to catch up on my missing hour of sleep.

Ok, the verdict is in.  Daylight savings is useless and a big waste of time and energy.  It messes with our bodies as studies show.  And…and…well…I just don’t like it.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t mess with my clocks!

  1. Thanks for bringing all this information to light. I never realized there were so many problems with changing the clock just one hour. I always enjoyed the extra hour of sleep in the fall and it was no big deal about losing an hour in the spring because I liked the longer days. It certainly would be easier just to leave the clocks the same all year.

  2. You are welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting also.

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