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They do grow up fast but you’ll barely notice.

2013-03-14 16.10.06Recently, I was having a conversation with my 6-year old when it hit me.  My cute little toddler had morphed into a young and intelligent boy. When did that happen?  Where was I? How did I miss it?  

I have always dreaded the day when my boys would no longer be the cute little ones running around the house, with their baby talk and funny antics.  As everyone always say, ‘Enjoy them, they grow up fast.”  Well they do but interestingly, you won’t even notice.  With so much to look forward to, their ‘funny’ stages would be just a happy memories for you to remember and maybe share at their weddings.

The funny antics and baby-talk do not compare with what I have to look forward to.  The grads, the weddings, the sports and scholastic awards, the grand-kids….um, not so fast with that one.


Watching your kids progress


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