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Naps are not just for babies and the dishes can wait

thA couple Sundays ago, Amie and I did something that I can’t remember us ever doing.  After putting the boys down for their afternoon naps, we went to bed also and not for any extra-curricular activity either.  It was just a spontaneous act.  We just felt the need for a siesta.  I was happy because napping is something we don’t do unless we are under the weather.  It made me remember life back in St. Vincent where everyone naps.  Sunday afternoon naps were enjoyed by everyone.

The previous evening, I did something I don’t usually do, I left the dishes in the sink and went to bed.  Purposely.  I chose to watch a movie and play with the kids instead.  When Amie got home later that night and questioned me on it, I assured her that they would be done by the time she came downstairs in the morning. They were.  “See? So what’s the difference?”  I asked her while showing her the clean kitchen.


th (1)

The dishes didn’t get any dirtier overnight.  They were waiting patiently for me when I woke up. When Amie and I napped instead of finding work to do around the house, nothing changed. In fact, you couldn’t tell the difference.  

I am not saying we should nap more and do the dishes less, but maybe slowing down and actually enjoying the king size bed that we paid for would not be so bad.   We both enjoyed our short nap that Sunday afternoon and vowed to do it again.  So far we haven’t yet.  Too much things to do.



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2 thoughts on “Naps are not just for babies and the dishes can wait

  1. Tis true–the dishes will still be there. Thanks for the pingback.

    • lol. You are welcome and thanks for dropping by. Oh and don’t say that too loud, I still have yet to convince the wife that they will still be there.

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