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Daddy Hates To Eat Alone

thI love nothing better for dinner than a good ole breakfast.  So yesterday when Amie suggested that I make a pancake dinner for myself and the boys, including our International student, Alex, I was more than thrilled.  I imagined us sitting around the table enjoying one of my favorite things while discussing the day with the boys.

Unfortunately, our breakfast-dinner did not turn out like I imagined.  No, I didn’t burn the pancakes.   Unfortunately, we don’t have a griddle so I was using a frying pan that fries three pancakes comfortably.  As I didn’t want to keep the boys waiting too long, I gave them one each on their plates so they could enjoy while they were still warm.  And that’s where my imagined perfect-dinner scenario went downhill.

I forgot that like me, the boys loved pancakes.  Seriously, who doesn’t?  So as fast as I could make three, they were on their plates.  “Daddy, more pancakes”  Was my repeated order, to which I complied without fuss.  When everyone was finished consuming an average of four each, plates were dumped in the sink and off they went to whatever they were doing when they were rudely interrupted.

Pancakes on a diner griddle

I need one of these

I finished making pancakes out of the remaining batter and sat down for a lonely breakfast-dinner experience.  Eating alone at the large table was not exactly what I had in mind…

You are probably wondering why I didn’t just stick them in the oven on low heat until they were all done.  Too much work.  Plain and simple.


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