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Highly Sensitive, Are We?

In yet another example of how sensitive we have become, Target store was forced to release an apology after the label on one of their plus-sized dresses described the color as ‘manatee grey’.    How distressing!  How rude! The nerve of them to even associate plus-sizes with a manatee!  One shopper took offense and complained.   She tweeted that it was not fair that standard colors were described as ‘Dark Heather Grey’ while the plus-sizes were ‘Manatee Grey’.

You are kidding me, right?  We have nothing better to do than to dissect and read into everything someone writes, do or say?  Man oh man…Maybe I should complain that some clothing in stores are described as being ‘black’ in color, which I find insulting and racist as I am a black man.  Then I could perhaps have all the offending garments given to me to appease my wrath.

We are so sensitive to everything lately that even our sacred laws are threatened.  Can’t say Merry Christmas or call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.  Can’t pray in school.  Can’t treat women like…women.  Politically correctness.  What are bunch of whining ninnies we have become!  And, the complainers seem to always win.  When is someone going to take a stand and say enough is enough?  Our poor children…

My take. No apologies.


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3 thoughts on “Highly Sensitive, Are We?

  1. You are so right. I get tired of hearing people complain about the stupidest, most unimportant things. Everything is ‘all about me’ and pleasing ourselves to the nth degree. So much wasted energy! If people would use this energy to start doing something that is actually important like acts of kindness or trying to help a worthy cause, this would be a much better world. Enough is definitely enough and I certainly worry about our poor children.

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