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Silly Saturday: America’s Funniest Home Videos

thThis morning, all five of us cuddled in our king-sized bed bought for that primary reason, and watched a taped episode of AFV.  I am either getting old (Insert sad face) or maybe I was just watching with my parent glasses on.

I used to think that it was a funny show and while I admit that it still has its funny moments, I can’t help but notice how many parents are willing to put their kids in dangerous situations, maybe just to win a few bucks.  Some of the videos are obviously staged and involved children engaging in less than safe activities while their parents, seemingly oblivious, film the episode.  There are some with parents doing unsafe things too but those I laugh at.  Serves them right for being idiots.

There was a clip with two toddlers playing on the couch.  Nothing wrong with that.  One toddler was pushing the other over while he pretended to drop dead.  I immediately saw the potential for harm in this as the ‘dead’ kid’s head kept getting closer and closer to the wooden armrest.  Unfortunately, the camera-mom or camera-dad or whoever, did not have their parent glasses on so forgive them for not spotting a dangerous situation.  Plus, I work in a big construction company where the emphasis is on safety.  The poor kid smacked his head on the wood, much to the delight of the viewers.  I failed to see the funny in it.  I don’t think we should be laughing if the kid in any video is crying.  Do you laugh at your kids when they run to you in pain?

I must be getting old…


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