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Neverending Winter Causing Chaos In Home

thThis extended cold spell is wreaking havoc on the family.  Our kids are going stir crazy and we are at the end of our ropes.  Ok, maybe it’s not that bad.  Maybe Mommy and Daddy are the stir crazy ones and we are just so sick with the long and drawn out winter that we are irritable and the poor innocent kids suffer.

We were telling the boys on the weekend that we needed a break.  We suggested leaving them with our parents while we  spend a night at a hotel.  They were not in agreement, understandably.  “We don’t want you to go.” They said in unison.  “Well it’s either we go or you go.” I ventured.  We were joking of course.  Just a bit.

Our indoor games are all used up.  Board games pieces are under the couch, on the table, all over the house.  Open video games litter the entertainment center.  Toys are everywhere.  It’s like Christmas morning.  The Wii console is broken.  (I tossed out two good games thinking they were damaged).  We, well the kids, are now playing outdoor games inside the house.  Hockey on our hardwood floors with real hockey sticks but at least with a tennis ball.  Soccer on the carpet in the basement.  Well it was until one of the teens stepped on my cd disc changer and destroyed it.  I allowed them to play in the garage.  But that was until the ball hit the sensor and messed up the mechanism.  Now they play in the street while wearing scarves and toques and gloves.  A funny sight indeed.

A cold game of soccer

A cold game of soccer







I feel bad for the little ones all cooped up inside.  They are like fish out of water.  Daddy hates cold so he doesn’t venture out much either.  I tried sending them outside to play but we haven’t landscaped yet so where the snow has melted, it’s all mud.  You know what that means.  Kids don’t notice that they are dragging in a yard of mud into the house.

Yesterday morning saw the temps dipping to -31 with the wind factored in!! The forecast for the next few weeks doesn’t look better either.

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