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A Good Ole Hockey Game

thYesterday, I accepted a challenge from Kenyan to have a game of hockey on the Xbox with him.  He’s only 4 years old so the challenge seemed a bit one-sided but he asked for it.  I wasn’t about to engage his 6-year old brother as he was the reigning champ.  He even beats the two teenagers on a regular basis, which is no easy feat.  I won’t stand a chance.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be a cake walk when Kenyan and I were choosing teams.  Mikhail alerted me that I was going to lose because I didn’t select the special attributes that would make my team a power house.   Choosing ‘Crashing the net’ didn’t seem like it would make any difference.  Plus, he is only 4 years old.  Daddy had this.

The game was hardly 5 minutes old when my thumbs started getting sore.  How do these kids play this thing for hours??  “Goaal!!”  The kid had scored! And again! And again!  It was 3-0 before I knew what hit me. Granted, I scored in the final minute of play to make it a respectable 3-1 game.

Kenyan was a very good sportsman and congratulated me on my lone goal.  I took some solace in that but still dropped the controls in his brother’s lap as I leaved the room in disgust and defeat.  I had just been humbled by a mere 3-year old!  It was a good thing that he didn’t use his famous line,  “Oooh! That must have hurt!” on me.  It didn’t hurt much but it did bruise my ego just a bit.

Maybe it’s time to get some coaching from the 6-year old so I could beat the 4-year old.  Sounds wrong, doesn’t it?  Oh well, they can beat me at Xbox hockey but I’m sure they wouldn’t stand a chance at arm wrestling..


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