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Son, That’s How Women Are.

I like to pick up Kenyan and Treyton from their preschool.  It’s like being at the airport awaiting the arrival of a loved one.  I wait outside the door along with the other parents.  The teacher, like an air hostess, opens it up and the kids run screaming to their parents.  “Daddy!”  or “Mommy!”  They scream as they run to their moms or dads.  I wonder if the other parents are noting my boys’ excitement.  See?  I am the best daddy.  My kids are happier to see me than yours are to see you.  Uh huh  uh huh.

Today when I went to get the boys, I noticed that the excitement to see daddy was down an octave or two.  Somebody was not pulling their weight.  It was Kenyan.

I have this uncanny ability to sense when something is wrong with someone close to me.  A kid, my wife, a friend, it doesn’t matter.  I can tell the slightest change in their demeanor.  So today I could tell all was not well with Kenny.  Kenyan is one of the most active 4-year old I know, so this one was a gimme. “What’s the matter big guy?”  I asked when we got in the car.  “Oh it’s Chloe.  She wasn’t nice to me today.”  He said sadly.  Oh oh.  (Chloe is his preschool girlfriend).  “She poked me in the chest and said she doesn’t like me anymore.”

On the way home, I tried as best I could to explain the ways of the woman to my little boy.  “Son, women are weird like that.  They say they don’t love you and beat you up but they do love you.  It’s just how they show it”  Kenyan surprised me further by adding, “Well she’s just mad at me because there are two other girls that like me and she doesn’t want me talking to them.”  Are you kidding me??  Am I hearing this from my 4-year old son?  What am in for?  You have a girlfriend?  And she’s jealous that you have other girls? And  you are how old?  I know you were going to break some hearts but I was hoping it won’t be soon.  Isn’t this your second breakup already? 

Kenyan, you couldn’t have picked a better person to open up to than your daddy.  I know women like I know my alphabet.  I didn’t tell him that.  What I told him though is that he was still young, not even in kindergarten yet and when he gets older, there will be many such experiences so don’t let it get him down.

At four years old, the word ‘girlfriend’ was not even in my vocabulary.


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2 thoughts on “Son, That’s How Women Are.

  1. It’s amazing that kids nowadays have girlfriends and boyfriends in the preschool or even kindergarden. I have a friend who has a daughter (3,5 years old) who has the same issues as your sun… to much attention from the opposite sex… and she is 3… I wish I had so much luck when I was 13 🙂

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