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But I Love Celine Dion! Oh, And Rita MacNeil Too!

thA few days ago, I was reading the comments on a blog about Justin Beiber’s ‘dissing’ of Anne Frank.  I am sorry but I had no prior knowledge of who she was and had to hurriedly do a google search.  A neat story indeed.  I sided with the Beibs on this one.  Maybe she would have been a Belieber.   But back the comments.  One blogger, obviously a Canadian, said he didn’t like the fact that Beiber was from Canada as Canada is done apologizing for Celine Dion.  Double ouch!

Which brings me to the question, ‘Why do so many Canadians not like Celine Dion?’  She’s a true Canadian icon.  The woman can sing.  My humble opinion of course.  Well and the guys at Caesars too.  Arguably one of the greatest singers in Canadian history.  With the few genuine celebrities we can call our own, we should be proud of Celine Dion.

To understand this phenomenon, you must understand that us Canadians suffer from a sort of inferiority complex, maybe as a result of living in close proximity to the United States.  The self-proclaimed master of the universe.  We hate our sports teams, preferring to support US teams.  I am a fan of the Washington Capitals even though we have our own NHL team in the city.  Even our Canadian born players choose to play in the US than stay in Canada.  According to us, CFL sucks. NFL is the way to go. Our high school and even university basketball games are not worth televising because it can’t compete with NCAA. Our television shows? Well that’s another story.  Why do  you think we own illegal satellites?  We have tried mimicking American reality shows like ‘So  You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Canadian Idol’ to name a few, but the ratings were so low that they were cancelled.  Who really wants to watch Canadian Idol with some Canadian judges when there were real celebs like Randy Jackson and washed-up Paula Abdul judging American Idol?  A no-brainer for sure eh?  I think our winning idols played a few gigs at malls then went back to whatever they were doing in relative obscurity.  Apparently the Canadian Idol judges tried to copy the antics of their US counterparts.  I am guessing they were never told to ‘be yourselves’.

So, we are an apologetic nation.  We say sorry, whether we mean it not.  We think the grass is greener on the other side of the 49th parallel.  We know more about the US Presidents than we know of our own.  Harper who?  We think Justin Beiber is one of Canada’s biggest embarrassment.  I am not a Belieber but I disagree with that sentiment.  We hated the late icon Rita MacNeil.  Such a sweet and honorable woman.  We diss Celine Dion. Awesome pipes and great concerts.  And there’s more but you don’t have that much time.

While we are apologizing to the States for invading them with our ‘watered-down talents’, they accept our apologies and give us Kardashians, Britney Spears, Honey Boo Boo and whatever they could dredge up from the society’s also-rans. So who should apologize?

It’s just my take, what do I know eh?



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