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Boston Bombing: And in other news you might have missed…

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Last week Monday the United States was thrown into shock and mourning when two bombs exploded at the Boston marathon killing three people.  Since then, our televisions and social media have been bombarding us with Newscasts, sportscasts and talk shows, tweets and statues that keep rehashing the bombing.  You just cannot escape the coverage.   Tributes continue to pour in from everyone from everywhere.  In its quest to be the first with breaking news, CNN keep stumbling over their own feet, bringing us erroneous and contradictory briefs.

Two days later in Texas, a fertilizer plant exploded killing fifteen people and injuring over one hundred, including five firefighters. Homes were flattened including a nursing home.  There were stories of bravery by civilians who pitched in to help save victims. The toll on both humans and property was larger than that of the Boston bombing but you may have missed it.

A few days after, a large earthquake rocked china, killing over 200 people and injuring close to 10,000.  The sheer magnitude dwarfed the Boston bombing but again, it’s quite possible that you may have missed it.

Did you know that Iraq is gearing up for its elections and in the past two weeks 13 of the candidates have been murdered? You may have missed this.  It’s only Iraq.  It was important a few years ago when we sacrificed our loved ones in a ‘war’ to free the people from a tyrannical ruler.  Update:  Since the ousting and murder of Saddam, the country is now even more unstabilized but that’s just my opinion.  A week prior to the the worst terrorist act on US soil since 9/11,  a NATO strike killed 10 children.  Most of us didn’t get that news and heck, sacrificing a few kids to get those elusive militants is totally worth it.  We lost a few good men on the battlefield in Afghanistan too during the week. In fact, we are losing them almost daily but we seem to have given up on them a long time ago anyways so in reality, maybe they are already dead to us.

During the coming days and weeks, we will find out what the surviving brother has to say, if he’s allowed to live.  We will hear what he consumed the day of the bombing. His favorite quotes, his favorite music and maybe even his favorite blogger.  Information overload will be underway.  Some of us will care, some of us won’t give two hoots.  I will be one of the latter.

I do feel for the victims of this heinous crime but unfortunately, it comes with the territory.  It doesn’t matter if the perpetrators were Hindus or Muslims, Chechen or Czech.  These crimes will continue and strike close to home. Sorry for breaking the bad news.  Until someone close to me is a victim, I can be sympathetic but not empathetic.  While we are consumed with the Boston Bombing and whodunnit, babies are born, people are laughing, a kid is learning to walk, and the world turns and life goes on.  And you won’t want to miss it!

If I sound insensitive, it is unintentional.  It’s just My Take.


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